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SheetJS b7c0b0d914 fixed flow typecheck
- update FilterDatabase defined name when writing AutoFilter
- XLML stub cells have blank Data block
- HTML export honor `id` option
- expose `sheet_get_cell`
4 years ago
SheetJS c7010eec35 XLS/XLSX/XLSB/XLML cellDates support
- uniform number->date cell conversion
- update SSF to 0.9.0 (for is_date)
- namespaced rich str xml
- license file changed to appease GH automatic license detector

|     id      | author       | comment                                 |
| closes #581 | @Aymkdn      | XLSX cellDates + SSF.is_date            |
| closes #126 | @elad        | same as #581 h/t @SystemParadox         |
| closes #59  | @vratiu      | same as #581                            |
| closes #279 | @varunoberoi | raw json output uses date               |
6 years ago
SheetJS 2a756fffcc version bump 0.8.1: fixes to support node 4+
- codepage updated to 1.6.0 (latest)
- clean up Makefile
- adapted .travis.yml to support 0.8
- removed test files that drifted from baseline
- removed XLSB pseudo-inverse tests due to fails in node 4+
7 years ago
SheetJS 0d38d4c0a0 version bump 0.8.0: unification with js-xls 0.7.5 8 years ago
SheetJS d15b81e0e9 version bump 0.7.0: Basic write support
- very basic XLSX / XLSM write support with roundtrip tests (XLSB stubs)
- reorganized source tree
- new XLSB range check ensures that A1 is not emitted for empty sheets
- SSF table emitted in output (consistent with js-xls)
- CLI supports writing

Backwards-incompatible changes:
o new Property aliases (see CORE_PROPS and EXT_PROPS)
o FILETIME custom properties parsed as JS Dates
o `xlsx2csv` -> `xlsx` (and `bin/xlsx{2csv,}.njs`)
9 years ago
SheetJS e8560faa8f 2014 update [ci skip] 10 years ago
SheetJS cf01804b3c README cleanup 10 years ago
SheetJS 713f5aa417 version bump 0.3.0: necessary cleanup
- merged test repo with xls
- travis integration
- shifted to Apache 2.0 LICENSE
- mocha tests

The shift to Apache 2.0 was long overdue.  It's becoming clear that compliance
requires deeper integration with the xls libraries and other implementations
whose specifications are covered under the OSP.  It was a grave oversight for
the ISO and ECMA people to not try to implement parsers themselves, for if they
did I suspect the outcome would have been much different
10 years ago
SheetJS c5c3eebb09 LICENSE clarification; get_formulae function
To avoid future confusion, any code shared between this and the XLS project
relate to concepts discussed in ECMA-376 and hence fall within the purview of
this project's license.  A similar note should appear in the license for the
other projects.
10 years ago
SheetJS 5806249485 initial 10 years ago