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FMT=xlsx xlsm xlsb ods xls xml misc full
MINIDEPS=$(shell cat misc/mini.lst)
ESMJSDEPS=$(shell cat misc/mjs.lst)
ULIB=$(shell echo $(LIB) | tr a-z A-Z)
DEPS=$(sort $(wildcard bits/*.js))
TSBITS=$(patsubst modules/%,bits/%,$(wildcard modules/[0-9][0-9]_*.js))
MTSBITS=$(patsubst modules/%,misc/%,$(wildcard modules/[0-9][0-9]_*.js))
FLOWAUX=$(patsubst %.js,%.flow.js,$(AUXTARGETS))
UGLIFYOPTS=--support-ie8 -m
## Main Targets
.PHONY: all
all: $(TARGET) $(AUXTARGETS) $(AUXSCPTS) $(MINITGT) $(ESMJSTGT) ## Build library and auxiliary scripts
$(FLOWTGTS): %.js : %.flow.js
node -e 'process.stdout.write(require("fs").readFileSync("$<","utf8").replace(/^[ \t]*\/\*[:#][^*]*\*\/\s*(\n)?/gm,"").replace(/\/\*[:#][^*]*\*\//gm,""))' > $@
cat $^ | tr -d '\15\32' > $@
cat $^ | tr -d '\15\32' > $@
cat $^ | tr -d '\15\32' > $@
bits/01_version.js: package.json
echo "$(ULIB).version = '"`grep version package.json | awk '{gsub(/[^0-9a-z\.-]/,"",$$2); print $$2}'`"';" > $@
#bits/18_cfb.js: node_modules/cfb/xlscfb.flow.js
# cp $^ $@
$(TSBITS): bits/%: modules/%
cp $^ $@
$(MTSBITS): misc/%: modules/%
cp $^ $@
.PHONY: clean
clean: ## Remove targets and build artifacts
.PHONY: clean-data
rm -f *.xlsx *.xlsm *.xlsb *.xls *.xml
.PHONY: init
init: ## Initial setup for development
rm -rf test_files
if [ ! -e ]; then curl -LO; fi
mkdir -p tmp
.PHONY: dist
dist: dist-deps $(TARGET) bower.json ## Prepare JS files for distribution
mkdir -p dist
cp LICENSE dist/
uglifyjs shim.js $(UGLIFYOPTS) -o dist/shim.min.js --preamble "$$(head -n 1 bits/00_header.js)"
<$(TARGET) sed "s/require('.*')/undefined/g;s/ process / undefined /g;s/process.versions/({})/g" > dist/$(TARGET)
<$(MINITGT) sed "s/require('.*')/undefined/g;s/ process / undefined /g;s/process.versions/({})/g" > dist/$(MINITGT)
@# core
uglifyjs $(REQS) dist/$(TARGET) $(UGLIFYOPTS) -o dist/$(LIB).core.min.js --source-map dist/$(LIB) --preamble "$$(head -n 1 bits/00_header.js)"
misc/ dist/$(LIB).core.min.js
@# full
#cat <(head -n 1 bits/00_header.js) $(DISTHDR) $(REQS) $(ADDONS) dist/$(TARGET) $(AUXTARGETS) > dist/$(LIB).full.js
uglifyjs $(DISTHDR) $(REQS) $(ADDONS) dist/$(TARGET) $(AUXTARGETS) $(UGLIFYOPTS) -o dist/$(LIB).full.min.js --source-map dist/$(LIB) --preamble "$$(head -n 1 bits/00_header.js)"
misc/ dist/$(LIB).full.min.js
@# mini
uglifyjs dist/$(MINITGT) $(UGLIFYOPTS) -o dist/$(LIB).mini.min.js --source-map dist/$(LIB) --preamble "$$(head -n 1 bits/00_header.js)"
misc/ dist/$(LIB).mini.min.js
@# extendscript
cat <(printf '\xEF\xBB\xBF') <(head -n 1 bits/00_header.js) shim.js $(DISTHDR) $(REQS) dist/$(TARGET) > dist/$(LIB).extendscript.js
@# zahl
cp modules/xlsx.zahl.js modules/xlsx.zahl.mjs dist/
rm dist/$(TARGET) dist/$(MINITGT)
.PHONY: dist-deps
dist-deps: ## Copy dependencies for distribution
mkdir -p dist
cp node_modules/codepage/dist/cpexcel.full.js dist/cpexcel.js
.PHONY: aux
BYTEFILEC=dist/xlsx.{full,core,mini}.min.js xlsx.mjs
.PHONY: bytes
bytes: ## Display minified and gzipped file sizes
@for i in $(BYTEFILEC); do npx printj "%-30s %7d %10d" $$i $$(wc -c < $$i) $$(gzip --best --stdout $$i | wc -c); done
@for i in $(BYTEFILER); do npx printj "%-30s %7d" $$i $$(wc -c < $$i); done
@npx printj "%-30s %10d" "treeshake" "$$(npx -y esbuild@0.14.14 --bundle misc/import.js | wc -c)"
.PHONY: git
git: ## show version string
@echo "$$(node -pe 'require("./package.json").version')"
.PHONY: nexe
nexe: xlsx.exe ## Build nexe standalone executable
xlsx.exe: bin/xlsx.njs xlsx.js
tail -n+2 $< | sed 's#\.\./#./xlsx#g' > nexe.js
nexe -i nexe.js -o $@
rm nexe.js
.PHONY: pkg
pkg: bin/xlsx.njs xlsx.js ## Build pkg standalone executable
pkg $<
## Testing
.PHONY: test mocha
test mocha: test.js ## Run test suite
mocha -R spec -t 30000
#* To run tests for one format, make test_<fmt>
#* To run the core test suite, make test_misc
.PHONY: testdot
testdot: test.js ## Run test suite using dot reporter
mocha -R dot -t 30000
.PHONY: test-esm
test-esm: test.mjs ## Run Node ESM test suite
npx -y mocha@9 -R spec -t 30000 $<
test.ts: test.mts
node -pe 'var data = fs.readFileSync("'$<'", "utf8"); data.split("\n").map(function(l) { return l.replace(/^describe\((.*?)function\(\)/, "Deno.test($$1async function(t)").replace(/\b(?:it|describe)\((.*?)function\(\)/g, "await t.step($$1async function(t)").replace("assert.ok", "assert.assert"); }).join("\n")' > $@
.PHONY: test-bun
test-bun: testbun.mjs ## Run Bun test suite
bun $<
.PHONY: test-deno
test-deno: test.ts ## Run Deno test suite
deno test --check --allow-env --allow-read --allow-write --config misc/test.deno.jsonc $<
.PHONY: test-denocp
test-denocp: testnocp.ts ## Run Deno test suite (without codepage)
deno test --check --allow-env --allow-read --allow-write --config misc/test.deno.jsonc $<
TESTFMT=$(patsubst %,test_%,$(FMT))
$(TESTFMT): test_%:
FMTS=$* make test
TESTFMT=$(patsubst %,testdot_%,$(FMT))
$(TESTFMT): testdot_%:
FMTS=$* make testdot
TESTESMFMT=$(patsubst %,test-esm_%,$(FMT))
$(TESTESMFMT): test-esm_%:
FMTS=$* make test-esm
TESTDENOFMT=$(patsubst %,test-deno_%,$(FMT))
$(TESTDENOFMT): test-deno_%:
FMTS=$* make test-deno
TESTDENOCPFMT=$(patsubst %,test-denocp_%,$(FMT))
$(TESTDENOCPFMT): test-denocp_%:
FMTS=$* make test-denocp
TESTBUNFMT=$(patsubst %,test-bun_%,$(FMT))
$(TESTBUNFMT): test-bun_%:
FMTS=$* make test-bun
.PHONY: travis
travis: ## Run test suite with minimal output
mocha -R dot -t 30000
.PHONY: ctest
ctest: ## Build browser test fixtures
node tests/make_fixtures.js
.PHONY: ctestserv
ctestserv: ## Start a test server on port 8000
@cd tests && python -mSimpleHTTPServer || python3 -mhttp.server || npx -y http-server -p 8000 .
## Code Checking
.PHONY: fullint
fullint: lint mdlint ## Run all checks (removed: old-lint, tslint, flow)
.PHONY: lint
lint: $(TARGET) $(AUXTARGETS) ## Run eslint checks
@./node_modules/.bin/eslint --ext .js,.njs,.json,.html,.htm $(FLOWTARGET) $(AUXTARGETS) $(CMDS) $(HTMLLINT) package.json bower.json
@if [ -x "$(CLOSURE)" ]; then java -jar $(CLOSURE) $(REQS) $(FLOWTARGET) --jscomp_warning=reportUnknownTypes >/dev/null; fi
.PHONY: old-lint
old-lint: $(TARGET) $(AUXTARGETS) ## Run jshint and jscs checks
@./node_modules/.bin/jscs $(TARGET) $(AUXTARGETS) test.js
@./node_modules/.bin/jshint --show-non-errors $(TARGET) $(AUXTARGETS)
@./node_modules/.bin/jshint --show-non-errors $(CMDS)
@./node_modules/.bin/jshint --show-non-errors package.json bower.json test.js
@./node_modules/.bin/jshint --show-non-errors --extract=always $(HTMLLINT)
@if [ -x "$(CLOSURE)" ]; then java -jar $(CLOSURE) $(REQS) $(FLOWTARGET) --jscomp_warning=reportUnknownTypes >/dev/null; fi
.PHONY: tslint
tslint: $(TARGET) ## Run typescript checks
#@npm install dtslint typescript
#@npm run-script dtslint
./node_modules/.bin/dtslint types
.PHONY: flow
flow: lint ## Run flow checker
@./node_modules/.bin/flow check --all --show-all-errors --include-warnings
.PHONY: mjslint
mjslint: $(ESMJSTGT) ## Lint the ESM build
@npx eslint -c .eslintmjs $<
.PHONY: cov
cov: misc/coverage.html ## Run coverage test
#* To run coverage tests for one format, make cov_<fmt>
COVFMT=$(patsubst %,cov_%,$(FMT))
$(COVFMT): cov_%:
FMTS=$* make cov
misc/coverage.html: $(TARGET) test.js
mocha --require blanket -R html-cov -t 30000 > $@
.PHONY: coveralls
coveralls: ## Coverage Test + Send to
mocha --require blanket --reporter mocha-lcov-reporter -t 30000 | node ./node_modules/coveralls/bin/coveralls.js
.PHONY: mdlint
mdlint: $(MDLINT) ## Check markdown documents
./node_modules/.bin/alex $^
./node_modules/.bin/mdspell -a -n -x -r --en-us $^
.PHONY: help
@grep -hE '(^[a-zA-Z_-][ a-zA-Z_-]*:.*?|^#[#*])' $(MAKEFILE_LIST) | bash misc/
#* To show a spinner, append "-spin" to any target e.g. cov-spin
@make $* & bash misc/ $$!