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# This file controls the multiformat tests
# vim: set ts=4:
# Format: <basename> <ext> <ext> [ext..]
# yes-formula
# note: Excel ODS converter does not support spaces in Sheet Names
AutoFilter .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
# note: XLML only supports sheets, ods does not support dialog
BlankSheetTypes .xls .xlsb .xlsm
NumberFormatCondition .xls .xlsb .xlsm .xml
RkNumber .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml
#calendar_stress_test .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
cell_style_simple .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml .ods
# no-csv (newline character \r vs \n)
comments_stress_test .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml .ods
# yes-csv
custom_properties .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml
defined_names_simple .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
# no-csv (randbetween) note: ODS does not support many XLSX functions
formula_stress_test .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml
# yes-csv
formulae_test_simple .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
hyperlink_stress_test_2011 .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
#large_strings .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml .xlsb.xml .xlsx.xml
merge_cells .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml .ods
# no-formula (filename-references in XLSX encoding as [0])
named_ranges_2011 .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml
# yes-formula
# no-csv (macro serialization in xml)
# no-formula (rounding issue in IE8)
number_format .xls .xlsb .xlsm .xls.xml
# yes-formula
# yes-csv
number_format_entities .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
pivot_table_named_range .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
pivot_table_test .xls .xlsb .xlsm
rich_text_stress .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml
smart_tags_2007 .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
sushi .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml .ods
text_and_numbers .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
#time_stress_test_1 .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xml
# no-formula (rounding issue in IE8)
xlsx-stream-d-date-cell .xls .xlsb .xlsx .xls.xml