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Angular 1

The xlsx.core.min.js and xlsx.full.min.js scripts are designed to be dropped into web pages with script tags e.g.

<script src="xlsx.full.min.js"></script>

Strictly speaking, there should be no need for an angular demo! You can proceed as you would with any other browser-friendly library. To make this meaningful, we chose to show an integration with a common angular table component.

This demo uses angular-ui-grid to display a data table. The ui-grid does not provide any way to hook into the import button, so the demo includes a simple directive for a HTML File Input control. It also includes a sample service for export which adds an item to the export menu.

Import Directive

SheetJSImportDirective follows the prescription from the README for File input controls using readAsBinaryString, converting to a suitable representation and updating the scope.

Export Service

SheetJSExportService exposes export functions for XLSB and XLSX. Other formats are easily supported by changing the bookType variable. It grabs values from the grid, builds an array of arrays, generates a workbook and uses FileSaver to generate a download. By setting the filename and sheetname options in the ui-grid options, the output can be controlled.