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Download and Import ECMAScript Modules

import current from '/version.js';


Each standalone release script is available at{current}/package/xlsx.mjs is the URL for {current}

After downloading the script, it can be directly imported:

import * as XLSX from './xlsx.mjs';
import * as fs from 'fs';

:::caution Bun support is considered experimental.

Great open source software grows with user tests and reports. Any issues should be reported to the Bun project for further diagnosis.



Watch the repo or subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when new versions are released!


Encoding support

If Encoding support is required, cpexcel.full.mjs must be manually imported.{current}/package/dist/cpexcel.full.mjs is the URL for {current}

/* load the codepage support library for extended support with older formats  */
import * as cptable from './cpexcel.full.mjs';