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SheetJS CE Docs

Hosted URL:


The site source code is in the docz folder. make builds the static site and moves the generated pages and scripts to the docs folder.

docz/version.js exports a version number for use in docs pages.

Build Commands

$ make init    # install dependencies
$ make         # build static site
$ make serve   # serve static site

$ make dev     # run dev server
$ make spell   # spell check (.spelling custom dictionary)
$ make graph   # build format graph and legend

Engine Compatibility Tables

docz/src/data/engines.xls is an XLML workbook that controls the compatibility tables in The component script docz/src/data/engines.js parses the file and generates content.

Formats Graph

The formats graph and legend are written in the DOT language. Rebuilding the graphs will require Graphviz (brew install graphviz on macOS)

Live Demos is loaded on each page, making the XLSX variable available to live blocks.

Page-Specific Scripts

Imports do not work from live codeblocks!

Docusaurus does not have an official recommendation for this workflow.

Specific pages can load scripts using the head component:

  <script src=""></script>

Adding scripts through head is known to be brittle!

Live codeblocks that use external libraries in useEffect hooks should check before using variables. For example, the Dropbox live demo tests if Dropbox is defined before proceeding. If it is not defined, a message is displayed.

function SheetJSTestDropbox() {
  const [msg, setMsg] = React.useState("Dropbox is defined");

  React.useEffect(() => {
    if(typeof Dropbox == "undefined") return setMsg("Dropbox is not defined");
  }, []);
  return ( <b>{msg}</b> );

Other Notes

src/theme/Admonition was swizzled from 2.4.1 to enable pass for hiding header text. See Docusaurus issue 8568 for more details.

src/theme/prism-include-languages.js was swizzled from 2.4.1 to support the Liquid language. See Docusaurus issue 6872 for more details.