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Photoshop, InDesign, and other Creative Cloud apps

import current from '/version.js';


Each standalone release script is available at

xlsx.extendscript.js is an ExtendScript build for Photoshop and InDesign.{current}/package/dist/xlsx.extendscript.js is the URL for {current}

After downloading the script, it can be directly referenced with #include:

#include "xlsx.extendscript.js"


Watch the repo or subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when new versions are released!


For local deployments, the scripts can be placed in the Scripts folder. The path is application-specific.

App Location
Photoshop \Presets\Scripts within the Application folder
InDesign Windows > Utilities > Scripts, click > "Reveal in Explorer"

:::note CEP usage

The ExtendScript build should be used when performing spreadsheet operations from the host context (within a jsx script file).

The standalone scripts should be added to CEP extension HTML.