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456ab63dc4 version bump 0.9.2: more bugfixes
- decode sheet name for XLSX and XLML (fixes #203 h/t @rocketmonkeys)
- XFExt (fixes #298 h/t @aetna-softwares @aimcom @baharudinafif)
- handle truly empty `<is>` elements (fixes #506 h/t @asksahil)
- pin version numbers for dependencies (fixes #469 h/t @nhtera)
- sed usage fix (see #572 h/t @liryna)
- fix hex2RGB substr indices (fixes #294 h/t @kamorahul)
- removed stale typescript files (see #442)
- reworked shift formula regex (fixed #551 h/t @SheetJSDev)
- README note on webpack codepage suppression (fixes #438 h/t @rusty1s)
- README note on WTF (fixes #487 h/t @livesoftware)
2017-03-13 02:46:37 -04:00
54b528eaed version bump 0.9.0: merged ODS into XLSX
The optional ODS module has been completely merged into xlsx.js and the
corresponding scripts have been removed.  The new xlsx.js file provides
appropriate ODS exports, so fixing is a matter of removing ods.js refs.
2017-03-09 20:09:18 -05:00