SheetJS 456ab63dc4 version bump 0.9.2: more bugfixes
- decode sheet name for XLSX and XLML (fixes #203 h/t @rocketmonkeys)
- XFExt (fixes #298 h/t @aetna-softwares @aimcom @baharudinafif)
- handle truly empty `<is>` elements (fixes #506 h/t @asksahil)
- pin version numbers for dependencies (fixes #469 h/t @nhtera)
- sed usage fix (see #572 h/t @liryna)
- fix hex2RGB substr indices (fixes #294 h/t @kamorahul)
- removed stale typescript files (see #442)
- reworked shift formula regex (fixed #551 h/t @SheetJSDev)
- README note on webpack codepage suppression (fixes #438 h/t @rusty1s)
- README note on WTF (fixes #487 h/t @livesoftware)
2017-03-13 02:46:37 -04:00

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This log is intended to keep track of backwards-incompatible changes, including but not limited to API changes and file location changes. Minor behavioral changes may not be included if they are not expected to break existing code.

0.9.2 (2017-03-13)

  • Removed stale TypeScript definition files. Flowtype comments are used in the xlsx.flow.js source and stripped to produce xlsx.js.
  • sed usage reworked to support GNU sed in-place form. BSD sed seems to work, but the build script has not been tested on other sed variants:
$ sed -i.ext  [...] # GNU
$ sed -i .ext [...] # bsd

0.9.0 (2017-03-09)

  • Removed ods.js source. The xlsx.js source absorbed the ODS logic and exposes the ODS variable, so projects should remove references to ods.js