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Workbook-Level Attributes

wb.Workbook stores workbook-level attributes.

Defined Names

wb.Workbook.Names is an array of defined name objects which have the keys:

Defined Name Properties (click to show)
Key Description
Sheet Name scope. Sheet Index (0 = first sheet) or null (Workbook)
Name Case-sensitive name. Standard rules apply **
Ref A1-style Reference ("Sheet1!$A$1:$D$20")
Comment Comment (only applicable for XLS/XLSX/XLSB)

Excel allows two sheet-scoped defined names to share the same name. However, a sheet-scoped name cannot collide with a workbook-scope name. Workbook writers may not enforce this constraint.

Workbook Views

wb.Workbook.Views is an array of workbook view objects which have the keys:

Key Description
RTL If true, display right-to-left

Miscellaneous Workbook Properties

wb.Workbook.WBProps holds other workbook properties:

Key Description
CodeName VBA Project Workbook Code Name
date1904 epoch: 0/false for 1900 system, 1/true for 1904
filterPrivacy Warn or strip personally identifying info on save